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  • Yes, the HMS Home Warranty covers all types of single-family residences, including condominiums, townhomes, modular homes, and manufactured homes anchored to a permanent foundation. However, shared appliances or systems are not covered.

  • Coverage is available on single-family homes occupied by a tenant. The owner is responsible for calling in the claim for service and responsible for paying the deductible.

  • Plans, coverage and pricing vary by state. For details on coverage in your state, please download your brochure or contact your Account Executive.

  • A standard deductible/service fee applies for each service call per trade (appliance, HVAC, plumbing, electrical, etc.). Once the deductible is paid, any covered repairs or replacements are paid for by HMS*.

    * See terms and conditions, some repairs-replacements may have non-covered charges.

  • HMS has more than 40,000 local and national service partners in our network. We pre-screen and pre-qualify all of our service partners, including license checks, verification of active liability insurance, and interviews with previous customers, before they can be approved as a member of our service partner network. Service partners must meet our high standards and stringent requirements before they are allowed to participate. In addition, all service partners are monitored and graded on their performance on an ongoing basis through customer satisfaction surveys.

  • Start by creating a Marketopia account to enroll and manage your warranties. You can also call, fax, or mail in a completed application form in the brochure.

  • Yes, many real estate professionals utilize the HMS Home Warranty as a gift for their clients. Order the warranty and personalize a gift certificate that is available in Marketopia to give to your client.

  • Contact HMS to make any changes to your listing or order.

  • Your client should call our Customer Care Center, which is available 24/7/365. They should know either their contract number or property address. A pre-screened licensed service partner in their area will be provided for them to contact and schedule a visit for a time that is convenient for them.

  • Start by presenting your client with an HMS benefits flyer. You can then follow up with the more detailed HMS brochure.

  • You can contact your local Account Executive or our Customer Care Center if you should need assistance.

  • A home warranty provides repair or replacement coverage for mechanical failures of major systems and appliances such as air conditioning, heating, electrical, plumbing, refrigerator, washer, dryer and more. An HMS Home Warranty provides peace of mind for you and your clients before, during and after the sale of a home.

  • When a covered appliance or system fails, your client calls HMS or submits a claim online. Our Customer Care Center is open 24/7/365. If the item is covered, HMS will assign your client a service partner in their area to schedule an appointment for a day and time that is convenient for your client. If the unit is beyond repair, our service partner will recommend the unit be replaced, a cost typically paid by HMS. Learn more about the claims process.

  • Your sellers receive the following benefits of an HMS Home Warranty:

    • Preferred Home Status – Homes with an HMS Home Warranty are considered preferred homes, as 8 out of 10 buyers prefer to buy a warranted home. (Source: Gallup)
    • Valuable Savings – An HMS Warranty can protect the seller from costly repairs while the home is listed for sale and in most states no money is due until closing.
    • Reliable Service – Our service center is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Plus we have over 40,000 licensed contractors in our service provider network.
    • Closing Delays Avoided – An HMS Home Warranty minimizes the risk of a closing delay due to a system or appliance failure.
    • Workmanship Guarantee – Covered repairs are guaranteed for 180 days – the longest in the industry.
  • Buyers receive the following benefits of an HMS Home Warranty:

    • Valuable Savings – Homeowners are protected against costly breakdowns of their covered appliances and systems.
    • Reliable Service – Our service center is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Plus we have over 40,000 licensed contractors in our service provider network.
    • Exclusive Patent Pending Claim-No Claim Warranty®* – Even if nothing breaks, buyers can receive up to $100 on HVAC maintenance (with no claim up to month 9).*
    • Appliance Discounts – Whether renovating or upgrading, warranty holders are eligible for deep discounts on new appliances through our Appliance Buyline service.
    • Coverage for Lock Outs – Warranty holders receive up to $50 per year on locksmith services.
    • Workmanship Guarantee – Covered repairs are guaranteed for 180 days.

    * Not available in all states. See See terms, conditions and limitations of the contract

    • With an HMS Home Warranty, you can avoid a delayed closing due to unexpected, costly repairs or replacement of your clients appliances and systems, as well as provide coverage after the sale of the home.
    • Your clients will appreciate the protection and peace of mind from the valuable service you are recommending.
    • When a covered appliance or system fails, your clients will contact HMS, not you.
    • HMS informs you when clients place claims, presenting you another opportunity to keep in touch with your client.
    • When your clients are satisfied, you gain repeat business and referrals.
    • Your clients will enjoy exclusive benefits like our Claim-No Claim Warranty®*, workmanship guarantee, locksmith services, Appliance Buyline discounts and more.

    * Not available in all states. See terms, conditions and limitations of the contract.

  • A home inspection is not needed to qualify for an HMS Home Warranty.

    • For the seller: Coverage begins when the warranty application is received and continues through the listing agreement period (up to 180 days). Extensions are available for up to 360 days if the listing agreement is still in effect. In most states, payment is not required until closing.
    • For the buyer: Coverage begins at closing, when the title is transferred and payment is received.
    • For existing homeowners (no real estate transaction): Coverage is effective 30 days after receipt of payment.
  • Yes, multi-family properties are eligible for coverage under the Seller Home Warranty; however, coverage is restricted to the owner occupied unit only. Tenant occupied units are not eligible for coverage under the Seller Home Warranty.

  • HMS covers most major appliances and systems, but some items, conditions and services are not covered, such as non-mechanical items including lines, hoses, pipes, windows, walls, doors and maintenance service. Please reference the contract for your region for coverage details or speak with your local Account Executive.

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