With summer shopping over, what marketing strategies work for fall?

September 22, 2017

Marketing for real estate professionals may not seem easy in the fall, but there are actually plenty of ways for agents to ensure they keep those active connections going strong, especially via mobile. As a result, agents looking for ways to boost their business as the summer comes to an end probably have a number of options available to them that will require just a little bit of research.

One of the most important aspects of keeping up interest among potential clients is to avoid deviating from their traditional marketing efforts, according to Marketing Real Estate. In fact, even missing a month of mailers, online ads and social media posts can not only lead to missing out on potential connections, but also disrupt an agent's rhythm when it comes to marketing overall.

Along similar lines, it's often a good idea to stay in touch with old clients, such as by sending them emails on the anniversaries of their home purchases, or passing along small thank-you gifts to clients they worked with over the summer.

Know the selling points
Of course, as the market cools down - at least somewhat - creates an opportunity for many agents. After all, some people might have stayed out of the market over the summer, not because they didn't want to buy a home, but because they didn't want to deal with the bidding wars and potential stress that comes with the more hectic season. But now, with the potential for a little less activity on that front, those would-be homeowners may be more willing to get involved.

The same might be true, though for opposite reasons, for those who were thinking about becoming a seller in the fall but remain on the fence. Buyers in the fall tend to be quite serious about getting a deal done before the end of the year, and most bids will therefore be strong.

A focus on mobile?
In some cases, agents may also be able to engage clients in potentially new and exciting ways during the fall months, according to Realty Business News. For instance, any agents that haven't updated their websites to be responsive to mobile visitors - since so many people now surf the web on phones and tablets - may have more time to devote to the effort in the fall. With this idea in mind, it's also wise to make sure agents are doing all they can to get their listings on some of the most popular real estate apps where many people find the homes of their dreams.

Furthermore, now might be the time for some more experienced agents to get a little more accustomed to using text messages for communication with younger clients in particular, throughout the real estate sales process.

Generally speaking, the more agents can do to remain actively engaged with their followers, past clients and leads as the market slows down in the fall months, the better their position will be once the new year arrives, and another spring buying season is right around the corner.