Why November is the perfect month for building networks

October 5, 2018

While there isn't likely to be a lot of sales activity, real estate professionals can use the month of November to instead build out their connections with their communities. The task of nurturing leads to the point where they turn into clients isn't always easy, but it can really pay off in the long run, so getting started now - well in advance of the shopping season - can go a long way.

The fact of the matter is that there are plenty of local networking opportunities for agents to meet people for the first time, run into old acquaintances and forge lasting business partnerships every November, according to Best Transaction Funding. For instance, many communities - both large and small - often host charity events like fun runs and coat drives, and agents would be wise to jump all over the opportunity to donate their extra time. In addition, sponsoring these events, as well as local high school sporting events, help get the name out there as well.

Making connections
In addition, it can be wise to make sure to attend any local business luncheons or other such events, to forge better connections with entrepreneurs in the area. This can allow them not only find potential leads, but also help them come to mind first when thinking about real estate in general.

And along similar lines, making sure to keep up connections with past clients at this time of year - with a quick pop-by gift or even simple mailer wishing them a happy holiday season - will assist agents in coming across as personable without being intrusive. Often that effort likewise help agents stay at the top of their past clients' minds when recommending real estate sales help to others.

Take advantage of the holidays
While most people probably think of Thanksgiving and Christmas as the two major holidays that are rapidly approaching, others could pertain to real estate networking as well, such as Small Business Saturday, according to Fortune Builder. While agents themselves probably don't have much to sell on this day - which falls just after Black Friday - it can be wise to partner with local retailers or restaurants (or both) for giveaways, raffles and so on, to keep the agent's name out there at a time when home sales activity tends to slow down.

Likewise, Cyber Monday - celebrated the Monday after Thanksgiving - might be the perfect time for agents to roll out a new online marketing campaign. This, too, can come with prizes or giveaways involved as a means of drawing and keeping people's attention as they browse for items to buy online.

Perhaps the biggest key to agents building and maintaining existing networks is to constantly think about what other people might want from them. Approaching the effort with the question of "What do I have to offer?" could pay off significantly in the long run.