What skills bring agents the most success?

November 1, 2017

Brokers can use the slower autumn and winter months to consistently improve their team of agents' various skills, and that's true whether they're seasoned real estate professionals or just getting their start in the industry. With that in mind, brokers may be able to put together some training sessions that help agents better understand what they need to succeed, or reacquaint themselves with some recommended best practices.

The most important skill any agent has is how they communicate, but that's something they can hone on a daily basis, according to Real Estate Express. Brokers can, however, help them in a different type of communication: How they pitch themselves as local experts. The ability to speak with great familiarity about the ins and outs of a neighborhood, local restaurant scene, and other nearby attractions is crucial, because it will help would-be buyers feel like they're dealing with someone who's intimately familiar with the community.

What does that entail?
The ability to speak authentically about all the positives a region has is crucial, but so too is making clients feel like they're going to be part of that community. There are many ways agents can achieve that goal, such as hosting meetings at locally owned cafes or restaurants, where they know a lot of people already, or potentially ordering takeout for in-office meetings from the best local shop.

Of course, it's also important to know a lot about the local real estate market. Many seasoned real estate professionals know the school districts and zoning regulations by heart, but it never hurts to brush up every once in a while, especially when it can be a benefit to new agents.

Focusing on those new agents
Indeed, many real estate brokerages have had to bring on more agents in the last several months simply due to how hot today's market is, and is likely to remain for some time. To that end, it's probably a good idea for brokers to focus on getting those newbies up to speed with focused training, according to Inman. As such, it's important to consider areas where inexperienced pros struggle, such as time management or how to most effectively capitalize on leads.

In these cases, it might be helpful to rope those more experienced agents into the training process to impart some wisdom about the best ways to effectively go about the everyday business of being an agent. While things aren't that busy right now - at least in some markets - that kind of practical knowledge is likely to serve them well as winter turns back into spring and the shopping season starts anew.

Holding these training sessions regularly throughout the winter and fall is important, but so is checking in on new agents to make sure everything is going well even when training isn't happening. Helping them feel supported in their efforts to develop good habits and skills will go a long way to making them confident in their new careers.