What makes a good social media post?

July 17, 2018

When agents are posting on social media, some types of content are likely to get more traction than others. When real estate agents get a better feel for what's most likely to be shared, they may be able to boost engagement with potential new clients.

One type of post that's often popular with many past clients is when agents post messages and photos celebrating a new buyer's one-year anniversary of closing on their homes, according to Top Left Creative. It's a big day, and the photo is a nice reminder of the partnership those owners forged with their agents.

Other clients to highlight
Along similar lines, posting a message when someone actually closes on a home for the first time can help those people feel like they've accomplished something and also show off to prospective clients how much the agent helped the new owners through the real estate sales process.

Furthermore, getting testimonials from past clients can also pay off significantly, especially if they're done as videos.

Diversify the efforts
Meanwhile, agents should keep in mind that many prospective clients aren't just spending their time on Facebook, so content that can be shared across multiple platforms is a must, according to Clean Slate. Photos and videos can be posted on Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram, and running live feeds of open houses and client appreciation events on some of those sites is also a great idea.

When real estate pros are looking for social media inspiration, finding posts that have been shared a lot in the past might help them unlock some clues as to what boosts engagement.