What equipment should agents invest in for marketing?

May 3, 2018

Real estate professionals often think about return on investment with their business purchases, and understandably so. But to make marketing materials really effective, there may be some accessories agents need to purchase.

The key to marketing in real estate these days is beautiful photography, and that goes for both still photos and video. It's vital to have the right gear because when web users are clicking through listings, they want to see big, striking images that present a home in the best possible light, according to Photo Workout.

What to consider first
For one thing, agents will need to make sure they have the right lighting for their needs. This means investing a few hundred dollars in a speedlight or strobe to make sure each picture looks vibrant. In addition, having the right lenses and lens filters can take images from looking perfectly fine to looking great. 

Likewise, it's also important to have good photo editing software so that agents can adjust brightness, white balance and the like.

Other important needs
Furthermore, agents will absolutely have to invest in the right tripod and tripod head, so that the camera will attach to it properly, according to Ehab Photography. While agents may not think these are necessarily vital to have, photos that are off their angles even a little bit can end up looking less than ideal.

When considering these important pieces of equipment, it's important for agents to do all their homework and make sure they're finding the right products for their needs at a price that makes sense for them.