What can brokers do to maximize their hiring efforts?

August 4, 2017

Given the strength of the market these days, many brokers may be in a position to expand their teams and take advantage of the incredible demand they now face. However, those looking to hire more real estate professionals may be wondering how can they make sure they're going about it the right way. The good news is there are a few simple steps that can ensure successful hiring efforts.

One of the most important tools in any broker's arsenal when it comes to recruiting the best real estate agents in their areas is the ability to demonstrate its existing quality as an organization, according to Inman. If they can highlight their ability to continually generate leads, either from paid sources or through their own networks, they're far more likely to be attractive landing spots for talented agents looking to get ahead in the business. After all, brokerages should be targeting the most qualified agents available to them, and part of that will be making themselves look as good as possible too.

A high-tech approach
This idea is also true as it relates to being able to utilize the latest technological tools that help agents succeed. For instance, the more connected everyone at a brokerage is to the office itself - with cloud-based software, for instance - the better off agents and brokers may be when it comes to keeping track of all their various appointments and what might be needed of themselves or others within the organization.

Similarly, any analytical software that can be put into place can pay off not only in terms of bringing highly skilled agents to the table, but also in helping brokerages run more efficiently. This kind of software allows brokers and agents to look at granular details regarding multiple aspects of their work, and quickly and easily find areas where they can improve - including for the hiring process.

Other issues to focus on
Meanwhile, brokers also need to make sure they have strategies for identifying and recruiting those agents, according to Paradym. Once potential agents have been identified - whether they applied for an opening directly or are being targeted - it's helpful for brokers to have clear roles defined for those potential hires, and incentives that go along with them; this gives prospects a clear idea of what they would be working toward.

Similarly, having the ability to show off how agents can get ahead in the business and grow within the organization can really help potential hires feel as though they have room for advancement and a strong future.

As a general rule, it's a good idea for brokers to continually evaluate their recruiting and hiring processes to make sure they're getting as much out of them as they possibly can. Something as simple as asking agents who have already been hired what they liked or disliked about these situations could go a long way toward informing better operations overall.