Unique marketing helps agents stand out in a crowded field

July 12, 2018

When real estate professionals think outside the box with their marketing - either online or in the real world - they may be more likely to see more business and build a stronger brand at the same time. While it's probably not the best idea to stray too far from industry norms, finding ways to stand out in their areas could help them catch the eye of potential clients.

One of the things that many "viral" real estate marketing stunts that have caught attention online in the past have in common is that they tend to have a bit of a sense of humor without going too overboard, according to Fit Small Business. For instance, one agent who was trying to sell a empty lot simply put up a door frame in the middle of it so show the true possibilities the totally blank slate provided for would-be buyers.

Other agents have had success with parody song videos or Photoshopped images of them in funny situations that play on popular trends and memes. This approach certainly isn't for everyone, but those who have reasonable skills with photo editing software and the ability to tap into what's popular online might be able to stand out a little bit.

Creative giveaways
Likewise, for real estate professionals who have a small budget for giveaway items, it might be wise to make those both fun and practical. An industry veteran once gave out can openers to prospective clients, with branded packaging attached that said the agent could "open the world of real estate" for the people she worked with. This kind of clever gift is certainly useful for just about anyone who ever needs to open a can, but could also help recipients feel like they're dealing with a clever, helpful agent.

What to keep in mind
When trying to put together creative marketing efforts, agents should usually stick to what they know best even as they branch out a little bit. For instance, funny slogans on social media or even real-world advertising will often play well with viewers, but those that tie back into the local market could have a better chance of being shared, according to Capterra. People want to know that their real estate agents understand their own neighborhoods or areas, so positioning those pros as both having a bit of a sense of humor about themselves and really knowing their stuff stands out from some of the more cut-and-dried advertising that's so common in the industry.

It's important for agents to keep in mind that, when making any content to advertise their services, the most important thing they can do is make it look as good as possible. This is true of photos, graphic design, videos and everything else. Moreover, it's also smart to make sure every piece of marketing conforms to the overall branding they use regularly (i.e. color scheme, font used and so on).

Agents shouldn't feel as though they should do marketing that's too far outside their comfort zone, but if they can have a little fun and do something the other agents in their areas aren't, they might be able to find a new slice of the market.