Unexpected marketing opportunities this fall

September 18, 2018

Real estate professionals might have a little wiggle room to market in unorthodox - but effective - ways this fall. Often, all they have to do is think a bit outside the box and take a bold step in a potentially new direction.

Certainly, any and all autumn marketing strategies should include themed holiday postings for things like Halloween, Veterans Day and Thanksgiving, according to Inman. But that approach can include non-traditional marketing like handing out branded, reusable trick-or-treat bags with fun, spooky designs.

Take a look
In fact, there are a lot of items out there that can be customized with an agent's logo and contact information but are not specific to any one holiday at this time of year, but more generally fall-themed, according to Real Estate Calendars. In addition, it might be wise for agents to invest in printing calendars for 2019 now, so they can begin giving them out as fall starts to wind down and people prepare for the new year.

Give back
Similarly, working with local businesses to host food drives or other charity events can be a great way to get the name out there and also be a more helpful member of the community at the same time. Offering coupons and other incentives to people who donate can be another great way to increase participation and local excitement around the event.

While some marketing strategies will work better than others at this time of year, agents can always do themselves the favor of looking at past efforts and figuring out both what worked well and what needs to be tweaked a bit.