Tweak what worked before for a new marketing method

March 20, 2017

Real estate professionals are always on the lookout for the hot new way to promote themselves and gain an edge in their local markets. However, that is sometimes easier said than done. With this in mind, when trying to innovate once again, it's important to look at past methods that yielded tangible results, rather than start from scratch.

Because each individual interaction is different, it can be hard to determine what worked in conversations that led to new clients. However, this evaluation method can be especially true when it comes to making connections through social media, according to Placester. Taking the time to simply go back through a Facebook or Twitter history and find the posts that got the most shares, comments, likes, etc. can go a long way. That will allow agents to consider what those posts had in common - was it attractive photos or videos? An engaging tone? A high-quality listing?

If agents can find the threads in previous marketing success, achieving it again becomes a lot easier.

It might also be wise to see what posts connected best with certain demographic groups, according to Fit Small Business. For instance, because millennials are a large and ever-growing part of today's market, finding out which posts were most liked by young adults can help attract more clients going forward.

The more agents can do to consistently evaluate themselves in all aspects of their job, the better off they will be when it comes to growing as a real estate pro. That, in turn, can quickly translate to more real estate sales.