Travel safety remains vital for agents as March arrives

February 9, 2018

While it's almost spring, hazardous winter weather is still a possibility for many parts of the country. Agents need to know how to keep themselves safe on the road.

Winter weather risk is mostly over, but snow and ice can accumulate overnight or throughout the day on occasion. Real estate professionals need to be prepared for any road conditions as they drive around for work just in case, according to Inman. Agents tend to log a lot of miles over the course of a given week, and it can be easy to let one's mind drift when behind the wheel, especially on familiar roadways.

But the combination of hours on the road and potential slippery conditions can pose a safety issue if agents aren't careful, even as March arrives.

What to pack
Agents can make sure they have enough in the car to get them out of any rough spots. That preparation means having an ice scraper and shovel, as well as some kitty litter or sand to add extra traction if a vehicle gets stuck in snow and ice. In addition, it's a good idea to pack general car necessities, like a first-aid kit and jumper cables, just in case.

Also packing more emergency supplies like food and water, extra layers, gloves, boots and a blanket can keep agents safe and comfortable if they can't get their cars to start and have to wait a while for a tow truck or good Samaritan to come along.

Finally, it might be wise for real estate pros - for whom their phone is often their lifeline in work - to make sure they have a fully charged battery pack in the glove compartment. This will guarantee that even if they can't charge their phones due to a car issue, they will still have plenty of juice.

What to watch for
Agents would also be wise to make sure their cars survived the rougher winter weather their areas went through in good shape, according to Fresno, California, television station KFSN. That means ensuring tires are still well-inflated, and that treads don't show signs of wear. In addition, getting the battery tested and cooling system checked by a professional is probably smart as well, to avoid any unexpected breakdowns. It's also a good time for agents to get their oil changed, before the hectic spring shopping season makes it hard to carve out some time in the daily schedule.

Because winter weather usually means a lot of work for windshield wipers, it's also smart to replace them as needed and make sure the washer fluid system is filled and in working order.

For agents that have newer vehicles equipped with collision sensors and backup cameras, it's also a good idea to make sure these devices are properly cleaned off and able to work as intended.

Finally, the more agents can generally do to drive a bit more carefully - regardless of deadlines and scheduled meetings - when conditions get a little iffy, the better off they will be when it comes to avoiding bigger issues. Put another way, it's preferable to be a few minutes late than get into an accident because they weren't careful about their cars' condition or their driving habits.