Take the time to revisit direct mailers this winter

December 11, 2017

The reason many old-fashioned marketing efforts were so popular among real estate professionals for so long is, simply, that they worked. But with more agents shifting online, a direct mail effort could still stand out in a local market.

Of course, what made direct mailers effective in years gone by isn't likely to still work; consumers' tastes and preferences have changed a lot. However, it's still a little thrilling to get some physical mail that isn't just a bill from time to time, and as long as agents are able to put together engaging graphics, photos and messaging on a single postcard, according to One Step Services. This type of marketing can still be quite effective when it comes to building brand recognition that can come in handy when the spring and summer real estate sales seasons start again.

While a lot of people now use the web as their primary method for finding listings and agents, that physical mailer can really help a professional stand out from the crowd and grab a recipient's attention in short order.

Why mailers can be effective
The most common way in which people see advertising these days is probably online and on their phones, so with more agents shifting the bulk of their marketing to the web, something arriving in a mailbox can stand out. However, it's important for agents who are just getting their direct mail marketing re-started to avoid coming across as too sales-y. Instead, providing some local information people can use (such as upcoming community events) or playing off the success of local pro sports teams, can go a long way toward catching prospective buyers' or sellers' attention. Having strong branding can therefore help agents stay front of mind as spring approaches.

Go with data
Most agents likely have a treasure trove of available data on people in their local communities and can even customize certain aspects of their mailers to appeal to those people directly, according to Eye/Comm. They can then use that information to come up with a few different mailer designs that appeal to different swaths of the local populace. While there's probably not any one-size-fits-all solution to this issue, a few designs may be a better way to engage would-be clients.

And once different designs have been decided upon, the messaging on those mailers has to match the images. Adding more of a personal touch in this regard, rather than trying to cast as wide a net as possible, can probably pay off significantly in the long run.

While it's still only January, agents should already be laying the groundwork for their spring and summer marketing plans, and finding a way to work direct mailers into those strategies could be a way to make something old feel new again for agents and prospective clients. A little research to find the right path to undertake distribution of direct mailer postcards will likely go a long way toward informing the best strategies based on any agent's unique needs.