Start simple with real estate marketing this year

January 24, 2017

While many real estate professionals are always on the lookout for the best new ways to market themselves and their services, it's sometimes easy to forget that old industry standbys work for a reason. As such, starting a 2017 marketing plan with the basics can really help get the ball rolling ahead of the spring and summer buying seasons.

For instance, a little work to revamp their business cards and websites will often go a long way toward making sure agents stand out from the crowd in their areas, according to Property Scope. Taking the time to examine what the competition is using these days, and how they can be improved on quickly and easily, may be quite a good jumping-off point.

When revamping a website in particular though, it might be wise for agents to make sure they're not the only thing featured. Not only should new listings be given a prominent standing, but so too should pictures from local events and landmarks. After all, agents aren't just selling homes, they're selling the communities in which future owners will reside.

It's also important not to forget about print ads, according to Massachusetts Real Estate News. While young people are big-time players in the market these days, the next-largest group of buyers is still baby boomers, who are far more likely to still read newspapers and other print publications.

As such, agents who are able to both find young people online and connect with their older counterparts via traditional advertising will likely be the ones who see increased real estate sales numbers.