Spruce up listing videos with testimonials

February 24, 2017

Many real estate professionals have recently taken the time to upgrade their online marketing efforts with listing videos. However, one beneficial aspect of these videos some might not have considered at this point is adding a brief testimonial from past buying and selling clients to highlight an agent's expertise.

Usually, all agents have to do is reach out to clients with whom they had a successful relationship and get them to sit down in front of a camera for a few minutes to talk about their experience in the real estate sales process. This can really help a message to sound authentic, and make agents more relatable than they might otherwise appear in traditional marketing efforts. That's especially true if the buyers or sellers in the videos seem genuinely enthusiastic about what a positive experience they had.

Interestingly, though, experts also recommend agents appear in videos themselves, and either use a professional videographer or invest in a tripod and other camera equipment, according to Realty Business News. This will certainly help to give videos a quality that agents might not be able to achieve on their own.

And along similar lines to testimonials about the agent him or herself, it might be wise to get past clients to talk glowingly about the neighborhood in which a listing is located, according to Easy Agent Pro. Having a person talk about some nearby attractions, or how good the local schools are, can go a long way toward making would-be buyers feel as though there's an even greater incentive to get into the market.