Social media 'hacks' to boost client engagement

March 29, 2018

At this time of year, more people will be searching the web and social sites for real estate advice and information. Real estate professionals who position themselves as local experts may be able to seize on that heightened interest.

Any effort to build a better social media presence should, however, start with a revamp of an agent's website, according to Mena Web Agency. This is, after all, an agent's best way to show who they are, personally and professionally, to the world, and the ultimate destination to which all social media activity should be funneling visitors. Simply making sure such a site is up to date and ready to better engage with potential clients can increase the return on investment for any social media activity.

Hit the ground running
While agents should also make sure they have a presence on a number of social media sites, perhaps the most important is Facebook, simply because it's the one that gets used the most by people in just about every demographic. Beyond that, however, using Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat, among other platforms, as a means of better engaging with social media users  - especially millennials who may be thinking about entering the housing market for the first time - can go a long way. Agents can also use LinkedIn for making professional connections, which can likewise be vital to their ongoing success.

In addition, agents have to keep in mind that people don't just want to be marketed to on these sites, so it's vital to make sure there are many posts about local events, exciting new small businesses and the like as there are about new listings. After all, part of an agent's job is selling not just homes, but entire communities.

'Hacking' correctly
Of course, simply being on social media doesn't mean that an agent is taking full advantage of the opportunities these platforms provide, according to Easy Agent Pro. The good news is that agents don't have to spend all day every day on their various feeds, but can take an hour at the start of each week to schedule all their posts to go live on a number of platforms automatically. That way, if they know they have a busy week ahead, they can give themselves all the time they need while never falling behind on their social marketing.

In addition, it's vital to revisit previous posts and see which boosted engagement, and which were not as well-received, and what they all have in common. This way, agents can continually hack the process of coming up with new more engaging material on these sites by refining every post. This effort should also be undertaken when it comes to figuring out the best times and days of the week to post as a means of ensuring the highest possible engagement.

When agents become more introspective about their social media efforts and constantly look to improve - never accepting "good" as "good enough" - they are more likely to find and connect with an audience of engaged prospective clients.