Simple Pinterest marketing tips for agents

December 20, 2016

Real estate professionals are starting to use social media in ever-greater numbers these days, and to great effect. But one corner of this universe they may have dismissed until now is Pinterest.

Some agents may not see Pinterest as necessarily corresponding to their marketing needs, but experts actually say it's used by a lot more than the younger women and girls that its reputation suggests. As such, it can be important to use Pinterest to not only promote their listings, but the concept of real estate, their local areas, and local business in general, according to Inman.

It might even be possible for agents to connect with would-be buyers via this platform, and also with people who might be looking to sell their homes in the near future. However, when doing so, it's vital to make sure all the best practices for social media use are being followed to perfection. This includes using the right keywords and hashtags, and making sure to have shareable content on a consistent basis.

These efforts can go a long way because Pinterest is picking up a lot of steam in terms of user engagement, according to The Wall Street Journal. In mid-October, the social network passed 150 million users globally, only 13 months after hitting 100 million, a number it took about five years to hit. That user explosion might not put it on par with Facebook, but Pinterest now has more monthly users than Twitter. 

For all these reasons, it seems Pinterest may be a great avenue to pursue for any agent hoping to boost their real estate sales numbers in the near future.