Sellers rely heavily on agents' advice

July 12, 2018

Many of today's homesellers have never approached the real estate sales process from this side of the transaction. As such, agents' advice is perhaps more important for owners than it is for would-be buyers, and the ability to pass on any critical information they may need will make real estate pros stand out as particularly helpful and engaged.

While there's a lot to know about the process of selling a home in general, most current owners have enough understanding of what went well when they first bought a property to not need too much advice about "what to do," according to the National Association of Realtors. Instead, it's important for agents to provide guidance that will gently nudge owners away from ideas that might hinder their abilities to get a sale expedited as quickly as possible.

Coming to an understanding
Depending upon the owners' experiences in buying their homes, they might have some unreasonable expectations about what constitutes a reasonable approach to a home sale. For instance, many owners may think they're going to find eager buyers after a single open house. While that may be right in today's heated market, that's not a one-size-fits-all condition of the market; homes simply don't sell themselves. As such, working with an experienced agent remains vital for them.

Likewise, just because there are a lot of eager buyers in the market, it's not usually a good idea for owners to set their sights too high when it comes to the prices they expect their properties to fetch. While it's nice to have goals, agents will need to be able to show that they know how to properly assess the property's value and set the right price that ensures owners get a good return on investment while also helping the property move quickly.

Setting up the property
Meanwhile, many sellers may not always know the best way to stage their properties to ensure they're sale-ready, according to For instance, many know that repairs and touch-ups are good ideas, but if they haven't fixed all the little things that might need to be addressed, inquisitive shoppers are likely to turn up as they check every nook and cranny of a home. Owners are going to be the ones who know a house best, so agents should ask if there's a creaky step or wonky cabinet door that needs to be fixed.

Likewise, de-personalizing and decluttering a property remains vital, so agents should direct their selling clients about the best ways to make a home seem a lot more welcoming to just about any buyer. This might not be particularly important until the few days before an open house, but it's nonetheless vital to give a property a once-over and determine what will need to be moved or cleaned up before visitors begin stopping by.

Generally speaking, it's a good idea for real estate professionals to exert as much influence as possible over the sales process as a means of ensuring it all goes smoothly. Sellers might have unrealistic expectations, and a little guidance can go a long way toward ensuring those owners know what their sales efforts will really require.