Seasonal summer advertising can help agents excel

May 29, 2018

At this time of year, people love to get out in the summer sun and have fun with family and friends, so real estate professionals can capitalize on that good feeling. Summer is a festive season, and many buyers and sellers may be charmed by direct marketing that's themed around the season.

Email and physical mailers sent out by real estate professionals at this time of year should reflect the season in terms of both look and feel, according to Marketing Ideas for Agents. Real estate professionals can create graphic packages around a beach theme, or write content about summer backyard DIY projects for the whole family, as a means of really appealing to the kinds of activities people want to do at this time of year.

Other ways to appeal
Meanwhile, social media posts should likewise make sure to include some summer content such as blogs, photo series and so on. One type of post that might be especially popular - and also likely to be shared at this time - is a list (or infographic) of free or low-cost family activities in the area over the next few months.

Helping sellers
Meanwhile, agents might also get a lot of traction among current homeowners who may now be looking to sell by teaching them a few tricks of the trade at scheduled home staging how-to events, according to Point 2 Homes. This may help to boost not only sellers' interest, but could also improve the agent's standing in their community, positioning them as helpful and client-focused.