Rethinking marketing in the new year

December 10, 2018

With 2019 finally here, agents are likely already looking ahead to the spring buying and selling season. However, a good marketing effort starts even now, when real estate sales activity is necessarily going to be slower.

The fact is that with fewer people thinking about buying or selling, January actually presents a unique marketing opportunity for real estate professionals, according to Easy Agent Pro. Those who are getting into the market today are probably quite motivated to buy or sell, and therefore easier to advertise to in general. That allows for a bit of experimentation, such as by holding contests for sharing posts or trying out new social media platforms to see if they gain any traction.

Why it's important
When doing a bit of tinkering with marketing - both online and in the real world - at this time of year, agents should keep a close eye on the results their innovative methods earn. For example, if something works better than expected, even in January, it might be something that will also translate well when people are generally more receptive to marketing from the real estate sector.

In addition, because agents generally have more time to spare in winter, it's also a good opportunity for them to build their standing as people who care about their communities. That can mean volunteering at soup kitchens or for non-profits, holding a coat drive, sponsoring local winter events and the like as a means of giving back and getting their names out there.

More wiggle room
Meanwhile, the fact that people aren't only going to be looking for advice on buying or selling a home successfully at this time of year allows agents to get a bit out of that zone and, again, establish themselves as integral parts of the local market or experts in real estate in general, according to Home Value Leads. For instance, taking the time at this time of year to advise people about how they can spruce up their homes or write up some information about an upcoming local event can be engaging without being directly about real estate.

It can also be a good idea to simply say to people who follow on social media that, while they may not be thinking much about their chances to buy and sell successfully today, the next few months will probably pass more quickly than they expect. Holding social media Q&A sessions for people now - and just framing it as informational - could establish an agent's credibility and also provide opportunity to identify potential leads now.

In general, it's probably  smart for agents to be open to new marketing ideas at this time of year without thinking of them specifically as marketing opportunities. Soon enough, the sales season will roll around again, and a lot of the groundwork agents laid now will end up coming back to them in positive ways.