Real estate video marketing ideas

August 13, 2018

Video marketing has grown to be all the rage in a number of sectors and real estate is certainly no exception. For that reason, agents will need to know the best tips and tricks to make their own videos stand out as much as possible, especially in this social media age when so many people spend plenty of hours every day scrolling through their timelines. With that in mind, remembering that some videos are shared more than others can help inform the best possible marketing decisions.

While most agents are familiar with the best ways to put together a listing video - such as showing off the most attractive aspects of the homes they're helping to sell in the brightest, boldest context possible - there are other types of videos that often play well and are shared a lot, according to Bristol Strategy. For instance, educational videos that inform viewers about the ways in which the local market is shifting or provides some basic stats about how hot homes have gotten in a given area will often play well with would-be buyers and could even help encourage some owners to consider putting their properties up for sale to meet high demand.

These videos can either be graphically driven (that is, animated with some basic video editing software) or can have an agent front and center in the video presenting a friendly face as they explain the pertinent statistics from the local market.

Taking the next step
If agents find they're getting a lot of engagement with those kinds of informational videos, they might also find success when hosting live Q&A sessions on platforms like Facebook or Instagram. Fielding questions from an online audience will certainly help people put more of a face to the agent's name and truly cement those real estate professionals as experts in their local markets.

As with just about any kind of video, though, it's important to keep in mind that briefer is better. People are constantly scrolling, so videos that are under two or three minutes long will typically be the ones people watch all the way through. Those Q&A sessions can be a little longer, but pre-screening questions can help agents plot out a reasonable length for that video.

What to keep in mind
When putting together ideas for new marketing videos, agents should always try to remember who they're making those videos for, according to Easy Agent. For instance, if too many videos target sellers instead of buyers, or vice versa, that might be a bit of a misstep. Along similar lines, too many "sale-y" videos might lead people to kind of tune them out and scroll right past after awhile, so mixing in more informational videos - including those about fun new restaurants in town or upcoming local events - can likewise help to cultivate a market on an ongoing basis.

Agents should always try to view their social marketing efforts, including creating and hosting their own videos, as part of a larger effort to establish their brand as experts in their markets. That kind of natural authority can help to drive real estate sales activity for potentially years to come.