Real estate blogging can still be extremely successful

August 8, 2017

While some real estate professionals may have turned away from blogging to focus on social media, experts say it's still a vital part of a strong real estate website. That may be especially true when it comes to drawing attention from millennial buyers.

Perhaps the most important aspect of posting regular updates on a blog is to ensure there's attractive media to go along with it, according to the Realty Times. While many agents can write eloquently about listings, the things they love about their communities, and so on, if there's not an eye-catching picture or video to accompany it, would-be clients probably aren't going to click.

Similarly, the actual content of those posts have to be something substantive: Agents should look at what local competitors post on their blogs and think about what they can offer - based on their experience in the industry - that others currently are not.

Connect with young clients
It may be particularly important to make sure blogging content these days is pitched to young adults, who are likely to comprise the majority of would-be buyers, according to Fit Small Business. That's because millennials in their mid-to-late 20s and early 30s are also the most likely to do the bulk of their homebuying research online. To that end, topics about what to expect as a first-time homebuyer or what young adults can do to get ready to buy a home in an agent's region can go a long way toward grabbing their attention.

Above all, the content of a blog should be engaging and light, without getting too bogged down in industry details or specifics.