Real estate agents should know about apps for themselves and clients

February 19, 2018

Apps are increasingly important for any real estate professional's business efforts, and  they might want to recommend options for clients, as well.

Some of the most effective apps for agents these days relate to video marketing, which is taking off on social media, according to Inman. The ability to shoot, edit and post prepared video, as well as include closed captioning for viewers browsing sites with their speakers on mute, quickly and easily within a phone can be vital. So, too, is being able to reliably livestream videos.

Other important agent apps
In addition, certain apps allow agents to schedule social media posts in advance, making it easier to find time in their calendars for other duties. Some apps even help agents streamline various aspects of their social use, such as those that check posts for grammatical mistakes in addition to spelling errors, and allow for posts to be more easily shared.

Apps for clients
Agents can also recommend apps that will help their clients with  home searches. According to Android Authority, plenty of options let users to not only check for homes in a given area that meet their pricing specifications but also schedule tours or get information about planned open houses.

These apps will often also allow consumers to specify home features they may be looking for (whether there is a pool, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, etc.).

A little bit of research on an agent's part will help identify apps to meet their and clients' needs. It might also be a good idea for agents to invest time in familiarizing themselves with these consumer-facing apps so that they can walk clients through them as needed.