Real estate agents have strong job prospects

February 27, 2017

Real estate professionals are very in-demand these days. Because people want to buy and sell houses in greater numbers, job prospects for agents are quite strong, especially if they can forge lasting relationships within their communities.

Overall, the job of "real estate agent" is currently seen as the fifth-best job in the sales and marketing sector in the U.S., based on salary, job prospects, future growth, stress and work-life balance, according to U.S. News and World Report Careers. The median salary for an agent anywhere in the country is more than $43,000 annually, and those who specialize in the field enjoy an unemployment rate well below the national average for all industries.

Further, it's expected that some 9,400 new agent jobs will be created in the decade from 2014 to 2024, and today's booming buyers' market highlights why.

Moreover, agents that want to really get ahead in their local areas might want to start concentrating on forging relationships with other businesses, as well as continuing them with past clients, according to Financial Finesse. Prospective buyers and sellers will typically ask agents for references, and maintaining contact with satisfied homeowners is a good way to win people over. For newer agents, highlighting an affiliation with an established name in the local market - such as a well-known brokerage - can likewise help people feel assured that they're working with someone who knows how best to proceed through the real estate sales process.

The good news is that agents have plenty of opportunity for success in the market these days, and they just have to work to seize it.