Real estate agents can start their own newsletters now

January 23, 2018

Newsletter email marketing is routinely cited as a great way for real estate professionals to connect with potential and past clients. For any who haven't yet adopted this tool, now is the time, before spring begins.

The good news is that it's not that difficult to put together an eye-catching email newsletter thanks to all the tools that are available online, according to Zurple. The key to doing it right, then, is figuring out what kind of content will be the most engaging.

Where to begin
First things first, it's important for agents to make sure their newsletters are ready to be viewed on mobile devices, because that's how most viewers are likely to check their personal email over the course of a day. In addition, it's vital that the subject line of any newsletter is engaging and personalized to grab a person's attention with just a few words.

What to include
Once a platform for the newsletter is chosen and a few other details are hashed out, it's time for agents to think about what they're trying to do with those email blasts, according to Tuts Plus. Potential clients are likely to be drawn in by local updates, attractive photos and an overall pleasing layout. Fortunately, most services provide templates and previews of what a given newsletter can look like, so agents will be able to choose the exact right look and feel for their needs.

It's also important for agents to keep in mind that they shouldn't go overboard with these mailers. So as not to overcrowd recipients' inboxes, it's wise to aim for publishing just a few per week at most.