Reaching sellers ahead of the buying season

February 9, 2018

Forecasts for spring housing market project conditions should be much the same: Lots of interest from buyers, not so much from sellers. So the question for many real estate professionals becomes all too common these days: How can I connect with current owners?

One of the easiest tips in this regard is to target homeowners where they spend a lot of their time these days: social media platforms, according to Zurple. The good news is that in a lot of cases, the ads agents place on social media can target specific demographics, and that advantage might allow agents to more directly connect with people who already own homes (even if that isn't a specific option within a social advertising platform) based on other identifiers.

Realizing opportunities when they appear
When putting together these types of ads, real-world mailers and other types of outreach, it's also important for agents to make it easy for potential sellers to connect with them. Fortunately, plenty of online tools - like chatbots - allow website visitors to simply enter their name and other information quickly and easily, with no need for phone calls or emails. 

In addition, agents can peruse social media for local groups of homeowners and join them. It may not be that hard for real estate pros to enter the community organically by sharing local stories, discussing upcoming events - appearing more as interested and engaged members than someone just looking to do business - and then making more of a "soft sell" to get potential future sellers to think of them first. Once users of those groups feel agents are just part of the online community, they may be more willing to work with an agent if they need to sell.

Flipping FSBOs
Many current homeowners may think that in a market like this one, homes sell themselves, according to Bigger Pockets. However, long-time agents who have facilitated more than a few real estate sales know better: Even when there's plenty of demand, getting a home prepped and sold can be hard work, especially for those with little experience. In the current market, where any home for sale is likely to garner multiple bids, it might be difficult for owners to juggle the responsibility.

There are plenty of online communities for people trying to go through FSBOs, and agents may be able to keep tabs on them to find sellers who are becoming frustrated with the process. Then, simply reaching out and offering to help can get an agent's foot in the door and help convert FSBOs to clients more easily.

The general thrust agents will likely be able to make given current market conditions is that selling a home and getting the best possible price is hard work, but it's something with which agents have a lot of familiarity. Thanks to their years or more in the sector, during which time they've helped dozens or even hundreds of owners get the best possible prices for homes, agents have a lot of success stories to highlight to any owner who may be thinking of selling.