Ramping up winter marketing isn't always difficult

January 24, 2017

In the colder winter months, it can be easy for real estate professionals to thinking that the spring buying season is still a few months away and therefore preparation shouldn't necessarily be a high priority. However, some experts advise that not only should agents be planning their spring and even summer outreach efforts at this time, but it's also a good idea to actually market during the winter as well.

The idea here is that while activity slows down, some people are obviously still looking to buy or sell even in January and February, and moreover any marketing done at this time of year - particularly online - can help make connections for people who are doing their homework now but not planning to buy until the spring, according to Zillow Premier Agent. At this time of year, it might be wise to focus on email and social marketing in particular since the weather tends to keep people indoors far more often.

Keep it updated and involved
One of the smartest things for agents to do at this time of year is to start working on their websites, with new calls to action, updated pictures, and other information that might have arisen in the time since the site was last overhauled. After all, a website can be seen as an agent's way of introducing him or herself to interested buyers and sellers, so having the latest data available is crucial to making a positive first impression. Winter might also be the best time agents can do some market research to determine judicious courses of action when it comes to trends that have arisen recently, and how they can take advantage.

In addition, using the winter months to get involved in the community can go a long way toward getting the name out there while also doing some serious good for people in need. This can be done by increasing signage at local events or sponsoring food and coat drives.

Talk it out
In addition, because everyone tends to be inside during the winter anyway, it might be wise for agents to take a few hours each day to simply work the phones, according to Zurple. Figuring out ways to talk with leads - whether it's actually on the phone, by text, or even via social media -  shows that agents are engaged, especially at a time when others may not be quite so dogged in building relationships with prospective buyers or sellers.

Finally, taking the time to carefully assess previous marketing efforts to determine what worked well and what might need some fine-tuning, can also be a good move at this time. That may be especially true as the colder weather begins to thaw and more shoppers take to the streets. While a drawn-out winter may seem like it's never going to end it's time for agents to get out in front of what another hectic real estate sales season has to offer.