Quick real estate tech tips to boost marketing power

July 17, 2018

Tech is the future of real estate, and agents who use it to effectively market their services can get an edge on the competition.

Many real estate professionals are really only starting to get their feet wet when it comes certain types of emerging technology, like augmented- and virtual reality, but those that have the means to invest now seem to be getting an edge on the competition, according to Pix4D.

Where's the need?
These kinds of interactive AR and VR experiences may allow clients to get a better feel for properties and really pack a wow  factor that can boost interest in them based on word of mouth. Plus being able to blaze through three, four or five virtual open house tours with a client, from just about anywhere, can also save agents time and hassle as an added bonus.

What about CRM?
Many agents are now also investing in customer relationship management software - which has long been used in other consumer-facing industries - to get a better handle on how they approach their clients, according to the Forbes Real Estate Council. This will help agents identify areas where they might be able to improve their outreach to specific clients, or otherwise do a better job of fostering and improving long-standing relationships.

Of course, no technology is ever likely to fully replace the kind of hands-on feeling agents can give their clients as they jointly navigate the real estate sales process, so it's also important for agents to keep in mind that they're in the people business first and foremost.