Personal motivation is crucial for new agents

September 22, 2017

It can't always be up to brokers and veteran agents to help new real estate professionals build momentum early in their careers. Instead, it's vital for rookies to make sure they know how to keep themselves motivated as well. Fortunately, long-time industry experts generally say that kind of effort might not be as difficult as it sounds, for a number of reasons.

First and foremost, many new agents in the market today are likely to be so busy - even with the summer buying having come to an end - that staying motivated won't often be their biggest issue. But when these hurdles do occasionally pop up, it's important for agents ensure they have areas to turn, according to Veterans United Network. For instance, they may be able to focus on what marketing efforts or community events worked well for them in the past, in terms of networking, and get back to pursuing them. However, they may also want to turn their attentions in new directions, potentially by helping local residents who may be a bit underserved, such as veterans or first-time buyers.

Thinking ahead
In addition, it's probably a good idea for agents to make sure they have plenty of work scheduled, even if they're not necessarily juggling a lot of clients at any given time. For example, putting in some work on a social media page or professional website when things slow down can really pay off down the road, as can training and other prep work that make it easier to find new clients and serve them better in the future.

At the same time, if new agents feel as though things are a little too hectic given the strength of the market today, it's also okay to throttle back their work a bit if they feel it's necessary. Taking a weekend or even a day off can do wonders for the psyche and help any professional return to their jobs refreshed and reinvigorated.

Generate good habits
When things get tough for new agents, as they occasionally do, it's important to remember success is all about having a good process to follow, according to Aceable Agent. Experienced agents understand not everything in the job is going to work out exactly the way they wanted, but they don't let those hiccups derail them. New agents, unfortunately, may not always have that same level of discipline. With this in mind, it's vital for those who don't have as much experience to make sure they keep their emotions in check, and look at the big picture.

The overall strength of the market today is going to be enough to carry most young agents forward, and if one or two things don't work out, there's likely to be plenty more opportunities to get it right once again. For that reason, a positive attitude and attention to detail are likely to go a long way toward keeping young agents motivated as they go through the real estate sales process early in their careers.