Now is the time to start working on spring decor

March 29, 2018

Homeowners who want to move their interiors from a winter theme to an air of springtime can take just a few simple steps to accomplish this goal.

One of the best ways to signal the change to spring is to start incorporating more bright colors - particularly pastels - into the home decor, according to Cedar Hill Farmhouse.

Where to begin
That effort can include actual pieces of flair such as art or decorative dishes, but it can also entail adding brightly colored live plants, a rotating cast of cut flowers and even bowls of bright, fresh fruit.

The latter is a good idea because it can help a family snack healthily while brightening up a room.

Welcoming guests
While many homeowners may not be hosting too many events at their houses in the winter, spring is a time for gathering friends and family once again, according to House Beautiful. To that end, it's smart for owners to make sure they're putting particular effort into making the entryways to their homes and communal rooms bright and beautiful.

When there are warm tones in a home's foyer or living room, guests will really begin to "feel" the season and feel like they home they're visiting is set up to accommodate them. This last bit is pretty vague

As with any other decorating effort, checking online for a little bit of inspiration can go a long way toward giving homeowners new ideas that will make them feel just a little more at home when the seasons change.