New agents should ask: 'What traits do successful agents have?'

June 28, 2017

Every real estate professional is different, but there are certain traits and abilities inherent to most successful agents. For those just getting into the business, it's important to identify what those skills are, and what they may be able to do to improve in these areas as quickly as possible. The good news is that many of these skills aren't all that difficult to develop - they just require a little time, effort and experience. Put another way: When these skills are lacking, that just gives agents homework to do.

One of the big skills that many experienced, successful agents have cultivated over the years is the ability to get themselves motivated to do their regular work every single day, according to Flagship Agent. Anyone who's ever held just about any kind of job understands that it's difficult to reach the same level of motivation every single day, but for agents it's important to do so simply because of how much of the business is oriented around effective communication and building relationships.

If agents aren't motivated to help their clients through the real estate sales process every day, it's going to be reflected in their interpersonal dealings. That's why the most successful agents usually have a smile on their face and a cheery attitude.

Stay disciplined
Another important skill experienced agents usually have is the ability to stay focused and follow the same kinds of routines that have earned them success in the past. While no sale or client is ever the same, there are certain rules of thumb agents can keep in mind when it comes to following best practices even when they're busiest. That level of discipline is often seen in client communications in particular; clients may text, call or email agents at just about any time with a pressing question - when they're with other clients, having dinner with the family or even on vacation - and the best agents will be able to set aside a few minutes to deal with whatever issues have arisen. That doesn't mean the communication has to be done right that second, but it's vital to answer in a timely manner.

Stay flexible
Because of that need to be reachable the vast majority of the time, as well as the many ins and outs of the sales process people typically run into whether they're buying or selling, agents also need to be able to adapt to any curve balls that might come their way, according to Spinify. Being as responsive as possible to any individual client's expectations or any hurdles that might sometimes arise will be particularly impressive. That, in turn, could result in more leads.

And to that end, it's also important for agents to be as reachable as possible. That means having information about themselves on as many websites as they can, maintaining their own site, and trying to stay visible in their communities. The more people see an agent's name, and the better the reputation agents cultivate, the more likely future business becomes.

In addition to putting these habits into practice early in a career, agents should also be willing to revisit their operations regularly to make sure they're following best practices, even after gaining years of experience.