Make your direct mailers pop with sharp design

August 24, 2017

Many real estate professionals still use postcard mailers, even if some see the practice as being a bit old-fashioned. But industry experts say these mailers can have a sizable impact on boosting interest among would-be clients - particularly those who may be looking to sell - so it's vital to make sure any direct mail marketing efforts really sing.

One of the most effective methods to do that is with a design overhaul, according to Coleman Marketing. Perhaps the best place to start is by ensuring every mailer has a big, attractive picture of a recent listing, especially one that just sold. Highlighting the fact that this mailer is coming from an agent who can sell homes quickly may be a source of encouragement for other owners to get into the market.

In addition, it's a good idea to mix up these mailers regularly; while they don't have to be completely overhauled every month, changing elements here and there (such as going with deep, warm colors during the fall) is a good idea that will help grab recipients' attention.

Getting to know the agents
Furthermore, agents would be wise to include a picture of themselves and information about their history in the area, according to XPress Docs. That will help potential clients put a face to the name, and perhaps make them feel more comfortable, knowing how much experience agents have in the business and how they can help facilitate the real estate sales process.

Here, too, it might be wise for agents to mix up their photos every few months to keep up with the design trend of the overall mailer.