Make your agent's newsletter stand out

June 28, 2017

Many real estate professionals use physical or email newsletters as a way to keep their names front of mind for clients and leads, but are they maximizing their potential here? That's an important question to ask not only at this time of year - when transactions are coming fast and furious - but also at a time when consumers are doing more research on their own to determine the best ways to maximize how effective these marketing tools can be.

There are plenty of ways for agents to make sure their newsletters stand out from the massive amounts of email most people get these days, or when they receive a physical copy in their mailboxes. Perhaps the most eye-catching is to put a little more design work into them, according to Vertical Response. And the good news is that agents don't have to be design experts to undertake this kind of effort.

Where to begin
The first thing most people are going to see on an email or physical mailer is the newsletter's header, so revamping that feature is probably the best first move to make here. There are plenty of graphic design apps and programs - many of them free or low-cost - that don't take a ton of familiarity to use successfully. When designing a header, agents should simply make sure to pick a bold color that's consistent with their existing branding, an attractive font that's not too out-there (especially with newsletters via email, because some fonts might not show up on recipients' computers), and perhaps a nice picture or logo.

You can also use these image editing programs to create customized linked images that really pop, overlaying text on top of beautiful pictures of listed homes or other things that help agents look experienced and knowledgeable. In fact, the more pictures agents can build into their newsletters, the more likely people might be to keep reading.

What else should be in the newsletter?
Of course, beyond beautiful imagery, there's also plenty of work agents can put into the actual words they're passing along, according to Chicago Agent Magazine. Perhaps the most important advice here is to include information people aren't going to get elsewhere, about potential listings or ways agents can help them deal with the real estate sales process in unique ways. After all, many would-be buyers or sellers might think there's not much difference between what one agent in their area provides versus another, so it's important for agents to highlight their own skills and strategies.

Further, it might be wise to tease giveaways or special offers on the front of a newsletter, then have the details on another page or further down in the email. That helps ensure people are flipping through or scrolling down to see more of the content agents have worked hard on. Combining that enticement with the eye-catching photos mentioned above can really help to keep people's attention as well.

The good news is that many agents have very nice newsletter offerings that they put online regularly, and for those looking for a bit of inspiration on this front, a little bit of searching can provide plenty of great ideas.