Make spring sales real estate checklists to save time

April 8, 2019

Real estate professionals have a lot to keep in mind this spring, but putting together a checklist that will help them stay on top of everything can really help them sell homes quickly and easily. The fact is when there's less mental space being used by trying to remember what you need to remember, there's greater flexibility in many other aspects of your business.

When putting together a checklist for everything you will have to accomplish every week this spring, you might want to start with the basics, according to Become a Local Leader. That means considering what they're going to have to deal with every week - scheduling meetings, handling messages from clients and leads alike, paperwork and so on - and setting aside the necessary amount of time they usually take. That alone should eat up a good chunk of any given week, but there are still plenty of hours that can be devoted to other things, such as improving your social media pages, writing blog posts and the other practices that keep your business thriving.

Getting the little things right
One thing you should definitely do at this time of year is make sure your website or social media pages are updated with all the right information both for contacting you and also what any prospective buyer or seller would need to know in advance to make sure the real estate sales process goes as smoothly as possible. That can help them get a better handle on prep work that will then make your life as their future agent a little easier a month or two down the line.

A checklist for buyers or sellers
In fact, above and beyond making a weekly checklist for yourself - which itself needs to be budgeted into your hours of work - it might also be wise to spend some time putting together some checklist documents for your clients to use, according to Inman. Whether they're buyers or sellers, there's probably a bunch of stuff they may not realize they need to do to ensure a smooth sales process, so giving them checklists to follow will help them feel like you've got their best interests in mind, while also saving you time that you won't need to devote to walking them through various issues on an ongoing basis.

These can include instructions for buyers to make sure they're fully prepared to shop with confidence, or helping sellers understand everything they'll need to do before a home inspection. However, if there's a frequently asked question you feel like you're answering over and over again, having a single document that explains it, and can be given to clients before the questions are even asked, might free up more time than you expect.

As always, your job as an agent is to come across as extremely knowledgeable about both the real estate sector and the local market, but it's as much of a people-handling business as anything else. Consequently, any areas where you can save time on either side of the job is absolutely vital.