Make some winter DIY decorations that last the whole season

November 17, 2017

While a lot of winter decorating focuses on the holidays, some more generic winter do-it-yourself ]projects can keep a home festive even as January and February approach. And at a time of year when winter weather can make it feel like cabin fever is setting in, working on some of these decorations can be a great family activity, as well.

One of the best ways to decorate in winter is to make the entryway to a home more welcoming, according to The Spruce. People love to host when the weather turns colder, and this decorating idea can help guests get that warm and cozy feeling even before they take their coats and hats off.

Where to begin?
Welcoming touches can include decorating a porch or front stoop with some natural-looking, home-y items like logs, wreaths and chairs with blankets draped over them. This is also true of setting up small evergreens in pots, much like homeowners would put nice, green plants on the porch or front steps in spring and summer.

What about indoors?
Of course, similar ideas can go into making indoor decorations like centerpieces for the dining room table, and here it might be wise to incorporate pine cones, which can be found just about anywhere there are evergreens, according to DIY & Crafts. Other creative applications include tying pine cones to strings and hanging them from railings or doorways or creating garlands.

The more that can be done to personalize these projects and make them kid-friendly, the more fun they will be at a time when a lot of families spend more of their time inside.