Make simple home repairs in July

June 19, 2018

With the nicer weather now here, some homeowners may have an opportunity to make small repairs or upgrades to their properties. These fixes don't have to break the bank, but can go a long way toward making homes feel more livable, and also provide owners with a satisfying sense of accomplishment.

One of the biggest changes owners may be able to make to their homes is to repaint them, or at least re-do the trim around doors and windows, according to Money Talks. While an all-out repainting is a big project, one that can take an entire weekend all by itself, the latter might be completed in just a few hours and can really make a home's exterior feel new.

Simple maintenance
In addition, it's important for homeowners to make sure they're staying on top of issues like keeping the gutters clear and spotting any areas where there may be leaks or other issues that could start small but grow quickly in certain situations.

Likewise, keeping some caulk and spray foam around the house to ensure any cracked seals around windows and doors, or on other parts of the home, will help homeowners avoid potentially bigger problems down the road.

Added benefits
In fact, caulk has other applications besides just fixing small cracks around windows and doors, according to Ugly Duckling House. If there are any scratches, nicks, and other cosmetic damage of this type to painted surfaces, applying a bit of caulk to the problem area and repainting after the substance has dried can provide a little bit of relief without requiring a lot of know-how.