Make real estate marketing spooky this Halloween

September 18, 2018

Real estate agents might get a little more traction this month by celebrating Halloween in their online and real-world marketing. All it might take to get a little more attention is some creative images and wording.

One of the most effective ways or agents to get their names out there at this time of year is to "reverse trick-or-treat," by going around a neighborhood in their area and handing out small gifts (including candy treats, of course) to homeowners, along with their business cards, according to Smart Agents.

Team up
Along similar lines, it might be wise for agents to find a local partner such as a restaurant or cafe for that reverse trick-or-treat. Giving out coupons for a free pumpkin-spice latte at a neighborhood cafe or a slice of apple pie from a nearby diner can help build stronger community connections.

This kind of effort not only helps people connect a name with the face, but can also build a positive association of an agent as someone who is engaged in the community and pleasant to deal with.

Take it online
Meanwhile, agents should also be sure to make their email newsletters and social media postings a little more Halloween-themed, according to Zurple. Including some fun facts about the area's "haunted history" or having online costume contests for fun prizes (including, again, coupons or gift cards for locally owned businesses) can be a great way to boost engagement and ensure marketing material gets read.

When agents can think creatively to boost engagement with their marketing efforts, they're far more likely to forge the kinds of relationships that lead to more real estate sales.