Make kids' Halloween costumes at home for fun - and savings

September 22, 2017

With a few weeks left before Halloween, you have plenty of time to make your kids' costumes from scratch, and for very little money. This offers a fun and creative DIY activity for both kids and parents, and can really help a costume stand out from the crowd of super heroes and cartoon characters.

Something as easy as wrapping kids in toilet paper or bandages to make them a mummy is a classic and fun Halloween costume, but parents have plenty of room to get more creative as well, according to the Huffington Post. Often, all it takes is a quick shopping trip and a little creativity.

Start simple
A lot of costumes can be made with clothes parents already have around the house, and that might be even easier for kids who have older siblings, because they can use hand-me-downs. For instance, a plaid shirt, jeans, a homemade tinfoil axe, and some face paint or a fake beard can turn any kid into a lumberjack. Likewise, a dress shirt and a pair of fake glasses over a Superman shirt will help him or her pull off a Clark Kent look.

A little more creative
Meanwhile, for a more arts-and-crafts approach, parents can also take two-liter soda bottles, spray paint them, and attach them to tape or belts to make miniature scuba tanks, and turn their kids into deep sea divers, according to Today.

Parents should always ask for their kids' input on DIY Halloween costumes, but there are usually ways to get creative and ensure they're not wearing the same stuff as half the kids in their schools.