Kids can DIY their Valentine's gifts

January 23, 2018

With Valentine's Day almost here and kids needing something to do with long days and nights indoors during the winter, it's a perfect DIY opportunity.

The easiest Valentine's gifts for kids to DIY are their own cards and envelopes, which they can make out of construction paper and other miscellaneous craft supplies. Parents can help them make their own fabric envelopes to create a unique impression, according to Country Living. These can even be sealed with paper clips bent into the shape of hearts, with the help of parents of course.

Branching out
But to get a little more creative, it can be easy to make little red and pink hearts out of yarn and wire that can come affixed with little cards. The same is true of making garlands or mobiles out of those little candy hearts to make a fun decoration.

A lasting gift
Meanwhile, it might also be a good idea to have kids decorate jars or pots for plants so that they can be kept and used for years to come, rather than discarded or filed away, according to Good Housekeeping. These are often low-cost items for parents to pick up, and the gifts kids make out of them will often be a delight to family and friends.

A little online research can go a long way toward helping parents find some great DIY crafting ideas not only for Valentine's Day, but for every major holiday, as a means of keeping the kids busy and thinking creatively.