Keeping track of data is a growing part of the sales equation

November 7, 2016

The game has changed for many real estate professionals nationwide. The things shoppers used to ask agents - neighborhood demographics, the quality of local schools and more - are now easily searchable online.

As such, agents may have to switch up the kind of expertise they can provide, by doing more than just monitoring online data about the areas where they live, according to Inman. By mixing that information, which they should look up on a regular basis, they may be able to highlight aspects of an area that people might not know about.

What do people want?
Today's homebuyers come to their agents armed with plenty of data, but they may not have been able to find online details that fall into the category of "things only locals would know." That's the kind of knowledge agents can implement to tailor the information they impart to people. For instance, would-be buyers with young kids might be impressed when agents can let them know exactly which local school has the best art teacher or where to get the best pizza.

Local data still vital
Of course, shifting preferences don't mean eschewing online data, according to Home Junction. Keeping up with the latest annual statistics about school class sizes, cost of living, the kinds of homes that sell in an area and so on can go a long way as well. Having the ability to mix a clear knowledge of local information with some tricks and tips only long-time residents know can truly ingratiate any agent to prospective buyers.