Is it time to redecorate the old office?

February 24, 2017

While many agents typically meet their clients in the field, sometimes they need to convene in the broker's office instead. As such, it's important for agencies to consider ways they can spruce things up a little bit. In much the same way as real estate professionals have to make open houses look appealing, it might be wise for brokers to invest in some new office decor to really wow visitors.

There are plenty of new office design trends for brokers to consider as they approach a facelift, whether it's minor or massive, according to Work Design. For instance, the trend of exposed brick, ductwork, and so on is still quite popular, though many brokerages might not have the ability to incorporate them. With this in mind, it's important to turn to other things that really make an office space stand out, and still convey what the business is all about.

How can that be accomplished?
One great way experts recommend a minor facelift is by getting office decor that fits the company's color scheme for branding. For instance, if a real estate business has green and blue signs, then buying office furniture in those colors will help to create more of a cohesive feeling, even if it's subconscious. Moreover, the more that can be done by real estate pros to create something of a "home-y feel" in at least one space - since that's what they're effectively selling - the more likely would-be clients will be to associate the company with that essential feeling.

It might also be wise to make sure that office design is updated to directly appeal to younger adults these days as well, because that's often not only who brokers are looking to hire as agents, but also who they're attempting to appeal to in real estate sales. Consequently, staying on top of millennial-friendly design elements like open areas, places outside to lock up a bike, and so on can likewise go a long way.

Use the effort to de-clutter too
In addition, there can be another practical application of an office re-design, according to Young Upstarts. As more information is shared and stored online, the need for file cabinets comes down significantly. Making efforts to consolidate files at this time can free up more space. Along similar lines, it might be important for brokers to consider how much space is taken up by agents' desks. Because so much of the job is spent in the field, the need for each worker at an agency to have his or her own desk might not be all that great. Therefore, having the ability to remove even two more desks gives a lot more square footage for brokers to work with.

In general, experts recommend aiming for efficiency when addressing issues related to space. And because real estate lifers have so much experience dealing with what looks good in the spaces they've been given to work with, their professional eye can aid in that decision-making as well.