How to make an email newsletter stand out

May 3, 2018

Real estate professionals have long relied on email newsletters to spread information, and now is the time of the year to refine them. After all, many people - even those who signed up for a real estate professional's mailing list - may simply leave an email newsletter unread or even just delete it straightaway.

Thus, it's vital for agents to make sure their mailings are immediately attention-grabbing with an engaging headline and, if it's clicked on even briefly, header image (complete with logo), according to Ridpath Creative.

Follow a plan
Moreover, agents also need to have a set template ready to go that they can drop text and photos into quickly, because if it's easy for people to scroll through quickly, it's going to be more likely to get them to scroll all the way down. Fortunately, there are literally thousands of free email newsletter templates online that can be copied and pasted at will.

It's also smart for agents to plan to release their newsletters regularly, meaning weekly, every Tuesday and Thursday, or on some other set schedule.

What's the value?
It's also important for agents to make sure they can engage recipients with information relevant to their interests, according to Tool Owl. That means having a quick article - or a link to a longer piece on an agent's site - about the regional market, local events and so on.

Agents also shouldn't be afraid to take inspiration from other newsletters. A good idea from competitors or other businesses here and there could go a long way toward ensuring people look forward to getting a newsletter on a regular basis.