How to make a real estate blog stand out

December 11, 2017

Some real estate professionals have recently begun to steer away from blogging, but it's still important to making their websites or blogs eye-catching for would-be clients. The good news is that, with the winter sales slowdown now firmly in place, agents will likely have a little more time to devote to some research, and building a successful real estate blog.

When it comes to starting - or re-starting - a blog, however, it's important for agents to make sure they understand what they need to do to have success, according to Inman. That effort means taking the time to study other well-read real estate blogs and laying out a strategy for their own, which they can follow on an ongoing basis, and alter when necessary. That step may mean taking a hyper-local focus so that when prospective buyers or sellers do a search for real estate agents or advice in that professional's territory, they are more likely to come across the agent's site.

Know what to do
When it comes to finding topics for blog posts on a regular basis, agents should make sure they have an idea in mind for each post they write. Understanding the commercial value of every topic and crafting each post to bend toward that goal is often a good idea, but it's also important to ensure these posts don't come across as too commercial. That approach may be a turn off for prospective clients. Setting the tone for these posts as being local market updates, rather than a pitch to work with the agent, could go a long way.

It's important for agents to make sure every post is tonally consistent, and as such, it might be wise to come up with a style guide that will help to direct every piece of content produced for the site, whether it's a blog post, image or even a video. In fact, having a healthy mix of different types of content can help both visitors and agents stay more engaged with the blog.

Other content ideas
Agents would also be wise to make sure they're not only providing market updates or detailing recent listings, but also painting themselves as members of the communities where they work, according to Fortune Builders. Luckily, there are some relatively easy ways to do this, such as writing posts or making short videos about popular neighborhood businesses and previews or recaps of local gatherings or sporting events.

In addition, it can be smart for agents to highlight certain parts their communities that might appeal to people with particular interests. For instance, showing off some of the kid-friendly aspects of a neighborhood or where dog owners may be able to have some fun with their furry friends can help to attract people who are searching for specific information.

The idea of blogging is, of course, to generate more real estate sales leads, but agents shouldn't be afraid get a little creative and show off their personalities with every post. That strategy can be one of the best ways to  engage with a prospective client.