How can real estate professionals keep generating leads in the winter?

January 23, 2018

While winter obviously isn't the peak transaction season, real estate professionals still need to make a living, and buyers and sellers need someone to help facilitate their real estate sales. Here's how agents can make those connections even when people may not yet be thinking about getting into the market. Such an effort can pay off a few months from now, when buyers and sellers alike are more engaged with the possibility of entering the market.

Agents can put together a physical or online newsletter that's not aimed at pitching listings or the agents themselves, but rather is all about the local community, according to Premier Agent. This asset can talk a little bit about why getting into the market sooner than later is a good idea but may be more beneficial to residents as a guide to local events in the next month or two, as well as some popular attractions or small businesses. A newsletter of this type might be particularly useful to people who are new to the area or considering moving there.

While this effort doesn't directly focus on sales, it can lead to word-of-mouth referrals for agents who need to make more connections. A newsletter of this type might be particularly useful to people who are new to the area, or considering moving there.

Do the homework
Agents have a bit of work to do behind the scenes when it comes to generating new leads, and they can start by looking at listings that might have expired in the late fall and early winter. Typically, the owners are still looking to sell but put their plans on hold during the slower winter months.

Agents who are proactive about seeking expired listings may be able to connect with a number of owners who are already motivated to put their homes on the market. Getting those homes put up for sale sooner than later can be a benefit to both those sellers and the likely growing number of would-be buyers these days.

Find another way to connect
In addition, agents would be wise to focus on any houses being sold by their owners, rather than through an agent, according to Easy Agent Pro. While these people may be going through an FSBO because they are unsure of how much an agent can help, simply making contact with them and highlighting the benefits of working with a seasoned real estate pro can go a long way. After all, there's a reason successful agents are able to ferry so many owners through the real estate sales process, and their expertise can help owners get prices above what they may be asking in an FSBO effort.

Indeed, the more agents can do to not only get in contact but also reach out continually at this time of year, the better off they are likely to be when it comes to finding new clients on either side of a sale.