How can real estate professionals improve their communications?

September 18, 2018

Communication is key for any real estate professional, so being able to more reach current and prospective clients with greater effectiveness is vital to growing their business. However, that goes beyond making time to return phone calls, texts and emails quickly and easily, or being able to have a pleasant conversation.

There are plenty of aspects of communication that undergird just the words an agent says or types, according to Real Estate Express. Everything from having a firm handshake and staying aware of strong body language to being a good listener is also key for agents to being able to both keep current clients happy and attract new ones on an ongoing basis.

While it's not always easy for agents to assess their own communication skills, it might be wise to talk to friends, family and colleagues - and also look at reviews or other feedback they've gotten from clients - to find areas where they might be able to improve. If everyone is being honest, there's always something agents will need to work on, and knowing which areas could use a little improvement will give them areas to focus on this fall and winter.

The hardest part
Because of how much demand there is in the housing market these days, perhaps the most difficult thing agents need to do at this time is get a little better at keeping all the plates spinning. What that means is that real estate pros need to be extremely present in any discussion they're having - online or in person. If they mix up one client's needs with another's via email, or find themselves wanting to check their phones during an in-person conversation, that can be seen as a major negative.

Finding ways to reduce that level of distraction and be a little more "present" can go a long way toward ensuring agents can forge better relationships and, consequently, get involved in more real estate sales.

Getting it right
Another important part of communicating effectively that could be of particular interest to agents is brevity and simplicity, according to Open House ID. Real estate is an industry that carries a lot of jargon most people can't be expected to know, and agents always have a lot of directions in which their focus is being pulled. As a result, agents would be wise to find new ways they can make their conversations and email or text communications both brief and to the point, while also being accessible and warm enough to make clients feel like they're connecting with the people who are shepherding them through the buying or selling process.

There might be plenty of ways for agents to get a little better at communicating, especially in when it comes to more effectively leveraging modern technology. All it might take to get up to speed and tweak some of the methods that have been so effective already throughout their careers is a bit of research and some time set aside to practice and hone the new techniques they learn.