How can new agents succeed this summer?

June 19, 2018

Anyone entering the real estate industry for the first time during the spring and summer is likely getting thrown right into the fire. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways for new real estate professionals to successfully navigate this busy time of year successfully, and all they might need is a little help to get off on the right foot.

Perhaps the most important thing for new agents to do when they're first starting out in the business is make sure they're visible within their communities and presenting themselves in the best possible light, according to Investopedia. That means it's important to ensure all marketing materials and online profiles and pages reflect the seriousness with which the agent will take their role as a trusted advisor to both buyers and sellers.

Understanding the basics
It is likewise important to "look the part" around town, always making sure to be dressed presentably at local events, especially any situation in which it's possible that the agent will run into a client.

Along similar lines it's vital to make sure all communications with anyone via a professional setting - such as on the phone, over email, by text message, etc. - is done in a way that makes an agent look good as well. For instance, while new agents may be used to simply texting a friend or coworker "OK" if they're agreeing to a meeting, a real estate agent would be far more likely to say something like, "Sounds good. See you then!"

It should go without saying, too, that all online communication should carry correct spelling and grammar so people will know their agents pay attention to the finer details.

Seeing the challenges
No agent's job is easy all the time, and that can be especially true at this time of year, when there are so many people in the market and so many clients are making some of the biggest financial decisions of their lives, according to McKissock Learning. Unlike many other professions, real estate doesn't often resemble a standard Monday-to-Friday, 9-to-5 job, and that might be especially true at this time of year.

Furthermore, for those coming from other industries, the life of a new agent might be surprisingly intensive in terms of how many different tasks they have to juggle on a regular basis. Not only will agents have to communicate with clients every day, but also come up with both short- and long-term business plans, put together budgets for those plans, continually seek out new clients, and so on. That can be a lot for new agents to take on, but if they have a clear understanding that this is simply the ask for anyone coming into the sector - especially in the lowest spot on the totem pole - that might be a lot easier to deal with.

Once agents get into the rhythm of how the job works, it becomes a lot easier to handle those ups and downs, and disparate demands, but initially, they might be surprising for those who aren't adequately prepared.

Getting it right
When just starting out in the business, it's important for agents to be able to build a strong list of leads and convert them into clients at a steady clip, according to The Balance Small Business. The good news is that when agents handle the real estate sales process well - from either side of the transaction - their satisfied clients will be quite likely to recommend the agent to their family or friends.

In this way, strong word of mouth can make one great transaction turn into something that not only fosters a years-long relationship, but also results in more leads, which themselves can result in even more prospects, and so on. This is about building a "sphere of influence" on which agents can capitalize on an ongoing basis. With so many connections in a given area, new agents will be able to quickly and easily build up a strong enough business base that they can appear to be authorities on the real estate sector in their communities within just a few months in some cases. That, in turn, can help generate more business on a continual basis, and free up the new agents to pursue other areas of interest within the field.

When that success starts to build some momentum on its own, it also allows agents to get a little more reflective about what in their jobs has worked so far, and which areas might need a little more attention to foster stronger results. Building time into a weekly schedule to figure out areas for improvement could end up paying significant dividends for any new agent.

Knowing what comes with it?
Agents have already navigated the ins and outs of getting licensed and, often, finding an existing business they can work with as they build up their local credentials. However, it's also important that they know what they're going to be able to make in their first year or so in the real estate sector, according to career coach Sylviane Nuccio. There is typically a lot of turnover in the industry, in part because agents may have misconceptions about their earning power or workload.

With that in mind, it's important for any new agents to talk to veterans they work with on a regular basis about what makes successful real estate pros maintain both strong motivation as summers come and go, and build lasting connections with clients. Visions of six-figure salaries might not always be realistic, so when agents know what local veterans of the industry have experienced, that can better inform their expectations for long-term success.

All it might take for agents to really find their footing quickly in this sector is to be adequately prepared and do plenty of research before they really wade into the real estate sales process. With that in mind, it's especially important for inexperienced to build a collection of seasoned professionals on whom they can rely for a little sage counsel and a helping hand every once in a while.