How can agents connect with young adults?

July 12, 2018

Even if the summer buying season is starting to wind down, many first-time buyers remain enthusiastic about the market. As such, agents need to do more to reach them on their own terms. However, that might mean agents will have to adjust some of the ways in which they do their jobs, as a means of specifically appealing to millennial shoppers.

One of these issues is the way in which young adults these days prefer to communicate, according to The Close. For one thing, they aren't likely to keep traditional business hours when trying to contact their agents, and while that may be common for some industry professionals, it is certainly a normal trait among young adults.

They may be just as likely to text their agent at 11:00 at night or 7:00 in the morning as they are to reach out during normal business hours, and more to the point, they will probably expect a response relatively quickly. It's not quite the same as being on call 24/7 like a doctor or firefighter, it could require real estate professionals to be a little more adaptable and responsive.

Keeping up with the trends
Likewise, it's important for agents to make sure their online presence is up to snuff. For many millennials, it's not just enough for a real estate professional to be easy to find via a web search or on social media. They need to also make sure their messaging is authentic and demonstrates a clear expertise in both the real estate industry at large and within their local markets.

Any agents who can't effectively position themselves as savvy and able to deal with millennials - answering whatever questions they might have or isn't easy to search for online may be able to put themselves in a good spot when it comes to maintaining high levels of engagement among young shoppers.

Find them where they are
Of course, when it comes to establishing that first connection with millennials, it's important for agents to boost their efforts on the social networks most popular with young people, according to Real Estate Express. For instance, any agents that aren't posting videos on YouTube, or sharing livestreams and photos on Snapchat or Instagram, may be falling a little short of expectation. While just about everyone uses Facebook, finding niches on other social networks may be a good way to stand out.

With this in mind, any efforts to connect with millennials on those new platforms should start with extensive research to find out what's clicking with those would-be buyers already. Finding widely shared real estate content on those sites will help agents identify the common traits of what works when it comes to boosting engagement, and could shape their own plans going forward.

While millennials are often treated as a massive entity and force unto themselves, the things they're looking for in the real estate sales process don't differ much from previous generations. A few tweaks here and there can make even the most dyed-in-the-wool agent seem very appealing to any millennial shopper.