How can agents boost their leads?

June 19, 2018

Many agents may still take to "cold calls" - even in today's market - to drum up leads. And while this can certainly be effective in some situations, there are also a lot of other ways real estate professionals can use their time during the busy summer months. As a result, looking for ways to better target potential sellers at this time of year is to look to unexpected homeowners.

There are many people who might be able to benefit from an agent's help if they need to sell their homes, and perhaps chief among them are owners who are going through lingering FSBOs, according to Easy Agent. There are plenty of reasons why a person or family would be looking to sell a home without an agent, but they're often biting off far more than they can chew.

Any FSBOs that have been on the market in an agent's area may be muddling through the real estate sales process and not getting very far. As such, if agents can reach out and offer the expertise they've been crafting for years, that could get people who were unsure of working with a real estate pro on board pretty quickly.

Who else can benefit?
In addition, anyone who inherits a property they might not want or need will almost certainly need help selling it, and agents would be wise to at least check with those newly minted owners after a property records search. While many people who inherit property might not be prepared to sell, that won't apply to everyone, and if agents can get their foot in the door with an offer to help, that can really pay off for all involved.

It might also be wise for agents to try to forge relationships not only with local buyers and sellers - which can pay off handsomely somewhere down the line - but also with local small businesses. Making connections with entrepreneurs, and even companies like home improvement contractors and local financial institutions, could help agents find clients from unexpected places on a continual basis.

Digging into the options
Furthermore, agents can do well by simply getting their names out there in their local areas, according to Inman. Sponsoring events like town parades or school carnivals, or getting more involved with youth sports leagues, church groups, or Boy and Girl Scout troops not only provides a potential stream of new leads, but also do some good for the communities in which they live and work.

Finally, agents shouldn't be shy about talking with their peers in the field, past and present. Agents who just don't have the bandwidth to deal with as many clients as they'd like during the summer might be more than happy to refer potential clients elsewhere, and the same might be true of older agents who have since retired.

As long as real estate pros can get a little more creative than simply searching for elusive leads online and via cold calls or mailers (though these can work as well), they're likely to be able to keep building their brand within their communities and positioning themselves well for long-term success.