How can agents boost their efficiency?

November 1, 2017

Even in the autumn, when activity slows down a bit, any real estate professional's time is a precious commodity, so he or she will have to strive for efficiency anywhere it's available. The good news is, there are plenty of ways - both organic and technical - that agents can free up a few extra hours a week so agents can devote it to other aspects of the job.

Perhaps the biggest aspect of time management that agents have to deal with is scheduling, and the good news is there are number of methods to make that process just a little bit easier and free up some time, according to Entrepreneur Magazine. The best place to start in this regard is for agents to develop a routine for all their regular tasks, so they know that every Tuesday at 1 p.m., for example, they will be devoting time to returning clients' phone calls or sifting through leads.

Getting a handle on meetings
Meanwhile, agents often have a lot of meetings to attend over the course of any given week, and another great way to handle them is to schedule them relatively close together in terms of both time and geography. Ideally, all meetings will be held within an agent's office, but that's not always feasible for any number of reasons. As a result, encouraging clients or others with whom an agent may schedule a meeting to come as close to that office as possible - whether it's in a local cafe for coffee, or restaurant for a lunch meeting - can help save agents plenty of time by reducing drive time.

Likewise, any meetings that could be done by phone might be better off that way than in person, for the same reason. Knocking out a 10-minute phone call can help agents avoid what can often become a 30-minute coffee.

Other ways to save time
While many agents might want to get the workday done in a timely fashion, one of the biggest drags on time is the get-up-and-go they need every morning, according to Inman. As a result, doing a little bit of prep work the night before - especially on a Sunday night - can help agents hit the ground running the next morning, and give them both a head start on the day and a clear idea of what they'll need to accomplish.

It's also wise to make sure the slower aspects of the job, like wading through a few days' worth of emails or writing up listings, aren't piling up too much, because that can become a major time suck. Instead, setting aside a bit of time each day to handle those tasks can help agents avoid potential pitfalls later on.

In general, the more agents can do to take a look at how they currently manage their time and assess any inefficiencies they can clear up, the better off they're going to be in the long run, especially when it comes to helping clients through the real estate sales process.