How can agents and sellers make their open houses amazing?

July 17, 2018

While it may seem that homes sell themselves in today's market, it's still vital for real estate professionals to work closely with selling clients, to ensure they are getting the most out of their open houses. These are important events designed to show off a home's best qualities, so getting it right is vital to securing bids that are both in line with the asking price and - perhaps more important - numerous.

When hosting an open house, agents and sellers alike need to keep in mind that a visitor's first impression is significantly shaped by curb appeal, so if even little details of the front yard or walkway aren't up to snuff, that can start things off on the wrong foot, according to Inman. To that end, a home should be cleaned (or even repainted), lawns should be mowed and any plants should be a nice, healthy green.

Inside the home
Moving into the house itself, another important aspect that can sometimes be overlooked - especially in the summer when there's plenty of bright, natural sunshine during the day - is that lighting remains quite important. Any rooms that aren't brightly lit, in every corner, should have tasteful lighting installed so visitors get the opportunity to take a good look at it. The good news is that agents can advise selling clients as to the best ways to approach these changes tastefully and creatively.

And if drop-ins to the open house are going to be inspecting every nook and cranny of a home, it's important that sellers make sure they clean every nook and cranny as well. In much the same way that a power wash on a home's siding is a good idea to boost curb appeal, scrubbing down walls and surfaces throughout the home - from the bedrooms to the kitchen and bathrooms - is always a good idea. Likewise, agents can advise their clients about how to de-clutter their most trafficked rooms to make them feel a little less lived in but still homey

Going the extra mile
Many real estate agents will also recommend that sellers make sure their open houses feature some tasteful scented candles or fresh cookies baking in the oven to make a home smell inviting, but there's more to be done when it comes to leaving a good impression with browsers, according to Advantage U. For instance, making sure there are some nice giveaways at the event - not just those cookies, but also bottled water and other, perhaps healthier snacks - can help to make visitors feel welcome.

Agents will certainly have plenty of experience in the real estate sales game to lean on when making sure sellers are doing all they can to make a home as attractive to would-be buyers as possible. However, it might be wise to work a little more closely with those owners to make sure an open house is a little bit unique, because that's just another way in which they can help sellers stand out from the crowd.