Homeowners should invest in smart security systems

June 28, 2017

Many current owners, as well as people buying homes at this time of year, would be wise to look at the various options available to them to make their properties safer. The good news is there are plenty of options available, often at relatively low costs, that can help homeowners boost their security on a number of fronts. Moreover, many of these security measures are easy to install and monitor, meaning there's not a lot of know-how required.

One of the most popular types of home security feature becoming more widely available is the connected security camera, which gives owners the ability to look at live footage of their home from anywhere they can get an internet connection, according to the National Association of Realtors. Often, entire networks of these cameras can be set up around a home for a relatively low cost, and can also be used as a kind of high-tech baby monitor for new parents.

Ways to stay connected
In addition, home security systems are now being designed to pair with smartphones, tablets and computers to give homeowners real-time information, based on networks of motion sensors or even door and window sensors, sending alerts to homeowners when alarms are tripped. Some of these services will also automatically contact police or other emergency personnel when and if something is awry, and may also be able to be connected to a system of smart smoke or carbon monoxide detectors.

Doesn't have to be high-tech
Of course, for homeowners who want to go beyond the benefits of smart home security devices, looking to low-tech solutions can be a good idea too, according to Reader's Digest. Something as simple as getting rid of the mail slot on a front door, and asking neighbors to keep an eye out for any suspicious activity they may see can go a long way toward ensuring a home isn't subjected to a break-in. And in the event that a family goes on vacation, it's also a good idea to make sure all the doors and windows to a home are locked - even those on the second floor.

Homeowners with a green thumb might also want to take an extra step and plant some big, thorny bushes in front of their first-floor windows so that thieves are deterred from trying to break in that way. Along similar lines, it's a good idea to never stack up any items - such as firewood or lawn care equipment - that potential crooks could use to get a leg up to a window.

Experts also tend to recommend homeowners install lawn signs or window decals that say they're protected by home security companies - even if they aren't - to ward off would-be thieves.

In general, common sense is often the best tool any homeowner has to keep their properties safe. Simply being smart about keeping doors or windows locked and keeping close tabs on their keys is often the best first defense against any sort of break-in.